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At work.

You get experience all time.

I’m at my work for 13,5 years now.

As I started, I was 21 years old and very green.

Through the years, life changes and also the work did it.

Some things made it better and some presents a challenge.

I think, with challenges we can reach experience for the future.

All the years at work, I had two keys. One for the most of the doors and one for my own locker.

Last year, we’ve got twins and I was at home for nearly nine month. It was a great time. I miss it.

Back to work, I reached a new position. I’m a charge nurse now. So you can see my bunch of keys. I think, I’ve earned reward for my experience 🙂

Kristin of liandbelle is one of my staff member. Best wishes to her.


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