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Someone has fear for it.

But they are no Geocachers 🙂

As a Geocacher, you love to walk in darkness, mostly in the woods.

You need a strong flashlight to find your way and some hidden signs, like Reflectors.

Mostly, white reflectors mark the way you have to choose an if you find one or more red reflectors, there is something hidden for you. You have to look carefully.

But first, choose a Nightcache at

Here you can get a surface impression of the story of this cache and what you may have to do later.

Then you drive to the start-position, take your equipment and normally you are not alone. We make always the Nightcaches with our friends Caro & Andi. Greetings to them.

Normally, we have something to eat and drink with us. Often some little beer, in winter mulled wine, and if there is something to celebrate, we do it with sparkling wine. Nights with sparkling wine are always an extraordinarily adventure. Greetings to Caro again 🙂

Now start. Find your way by searching for white reflektors

DSC_0450 DSC_0449

Have you seen the white one? Nice. Then follow the way and discover something scaring


Some meters away you can find your first red reflector


Here you can find a box with a riddle in it, or sometimes you have to answer questions about things at an information board, or whatever the Owner of the cache thought.

Carry on this way Stage for Stage and if you have done all riddles you will reach the final box. There is always a logbook in it an mostly something to trade.


Maybe, many hours will be gone yet and you take your way home tired and satisfied.

But there is one more thing, you have to do. Use your account at and log this cache online. Say, that you have found it an show the Owner of the cache and all other Geocachers your experiences.

Our nickname is „caoseffos“

Are here any Geocachers?

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