This year, we had a great year for Blackberries. The Bushes were full of big sweet and juicy Blackberries. One Day our family went out to harvest some.

We drove to the edge of the woods and parked the car. The place where many Blackberries grow was about 1,5 km away but it is forbidden to get there with vehicles – except for the forest labourers. On the side of the way we found a lot of Blackberries so we couldn’t reach the final location. But we had to, because the my sister-in-law and her boyfriend were waiting there for us. We hold our Hands in our trouser pockets an didn’t look left or right until we reached the final place. There it was a Blackberry-Heaven and it took us not many time to get our buckets full.


At home my wife and I started making jam after the Babies were sleeping.

First we have to crush the Blackberries



After that, we pushed the Blackberries through a sieve for getting the grain out.


Because we don’t like any grain and other particles in our jam, we use another fine sieve to get only the juice from the Blackberries


Now it was time to cook the Blackberry-Juice.


Put gelling sugar into the boiling soup


and cook it for about 4 Minutes, it’s required to stir


Corresponding to your taste you can mix the Blackberries with anything you like. We made some glasses with star anise, some with Apricot, some with syrup of elder blossom and some pure Blackberry.

Making Apricot-Puree to put it together with Blackberries



To have your glasses and the lids sterile, pour them over with boiling water


If the jam is ready to fill – do it, put a lid on the glass and turn it upside down for a moment.

Maybe you like celebrations? If no – write some labels


And put them on the jar




Enjoy it for breakfast


Maybe you have (like me) some little friends who loves the grain and skin from the Blackberries thin will happen: