Some years ago, I have spent my time by playing „The Settlers“, a strategy Computergame.

This game can be played in single or in multiplayer-mode. My wife and I played it in our home network against us. Unfortunately, she won mostly and I couldn’t understand why. In the last about 4 years, the Game-CD’s were packed away in the attic.

But two days ago, my wife made me a gift. We talked about this game and how many hours we have played it in former times. I asked her, to make a new try – and she agreed.


But I think, she had the hope, this game wouldn’t run in Windows 7 and 8.1 and agreed therefore.

Today, I have installed the game on both PC’s and started a game to try it.

It’s running 🙂

Sorry Caro: When will be our first Settler-date? Maybe this evening, if our twins allows it.




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