As I heard, that the theme for this week comes from Kristin, I was sure, that it would be pets.

So I post some pictures of our Pets to share it with you.

First, I want to show you my little friend Charlie. He is an American Cocker Spaniel. But there is one big problem with him: He is always extremely hungry. If there is something to eat, he does all to get it. In summer, he harvests all the vegetables from our garden. Carrots, Tomatoes, and all fruits fallen from the trees.




Then, there are living two cats in our house – especially in our bed an on our couch. We have the black and white one called Coco. We also call her „Rau Rau“, because she is always trying to get us with her in bed by saying „rau rau“. She can try this for about half an hour – if we stay hard.

The second cat is Ninnife. She is three-colored and also very lovely. She is very intelligent an can knock on the door, if she is outside and wants to come in. And you can see – she is a mouse-hunter.

IMG_0027.CR2 DSC_0719

And finally there are two girls in our garden – Bonnie and Clyde. Yes, you’re right, on of the names is incorrect, but we decided, that should be no problem for Clyde.