corner view – sunshine


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Sometimes I feel like a lizard.

I like to get out and sit on warm stones, joining the suns’s rays.

There’s nothing more to do.

Unfortunately it is rainy these days in Bavaria, and only the temperature of 10°C.

The one in the pictures was sitting at lake Garda in Italy.

We spend some days there with the most of our family. Six adults and three Babies.

We had a lot of fun.


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corner view – experience


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At work.

You get experience all time.

I’m at my work for 13,5 years now.

As I started, I was 21 years old and very green.

Through the years, life changes and also the work did it.

Some things made it better and some presents a challenge.

I think, with challenges we can reach experience for the future.

All the years at work, I had two keys. One for the most of the doors and one for my own locker.

Last year, we’ve got twins and I was at home for nearly nine month. It was a great time. I miss it.

Back to work, I reached a new position. I’m a charge nurse now. So you can see my bunch of keys. I think, I’ve earned reward for my experience 🙂

Kristin of liandbelle is one of my staff member. Best wishes to her.


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corner view – darkness


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Someone has fear for it.

But they are no Geocachers 🙂

As a Geocacher, you love to walk in darkness, mostly in the woods.

You need a strong flashlight to find your way and some hidden signs, like Reflectors.

Mostly, white reflectors mark the way you have to choose an if you find one or more red reflectors, there is something hidden for you. You have to look carefully.

But first, choose a Nightcache at

Here you can get a surface impression of the story of this cache and what you may have to do later.

Then you drive to the start-position, take your equipment and normally you are not alone. We make always the Nightcaches with our friends Caro & Andi. Greetings to them.

Normally, we have something to eat and drink with us. Often some little beer, in winter mulled wine, and if there is something to celebrate, we do it with sparkling wine. Nights with sparkling wine are always an extraordinarily adventure. Greetings to Caro again 🙂

Now start. Find your way by searching for white reflektors

DSC_0450 DSC_0449

Have you seen the white one? Nice. Then follow the way and discover something scaring


Some meters away you can find your first red reflector


Here you can find a box with a riddle in it, or sometimes you have to answer questions about things at an information board, or whatever the Owner of the cache thought.

Carry on this way Stage for Stage and if you have done all riddles you will reach the final box. There is always a logbook in it an mostly something to trade.


Maybe, many hours will be gone yet and you take your way home tired and satisfied.

But there is one more thing, you have to do. Use your account at and log this cache online. Say, that you have found it an show the Owner of the cache and all other Geocachers your experiences.

Our nickname is „caoseffos“

Are here any Geocachers?

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corner view – contrast


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Last Year, in June, we made a journey to Iceland.

look: Iceland

We saw a lot of different landscapes and vegetation

Most impressive for me was the deep green in some parts of Iceland.


But there are some areas with a completely different look

grey and stony


or yellow and stinky (the smell of sulphur)


And at least: Ice-Blue


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Making Jam of Blackberry

This year, we had a great year for Blackberries. The Bushes were full of big sweet and juicy Blackberries. One Day our family went out to harvest some.

We drove to the edge of the woods and parked the car. The place where many Blackberries grow was about 1,5 km away but it is forbidden to get there with vehicles – except for the forest labourers. On the side of the way we found a lot of Blackberries so we couldn’t reach the final location. But we had to, because the my sister-in-law and her boyfriend were waiting there for us. We hold our Hands in our trouser pockets an didn’t look left or right until we reached the final place. There it was a Blackberry-Heaven and it took us not many time to get our buckets full.


At home my wife and I started making jam after the Babies were sleeping.

First we have to crush the Blackberries



After that, we pushed the Blackberries through a sieve for getting the grain out.


Because we don’t like any grain and other particles in our jam, we use another fine sieve to get only the juice from the Blackberries


Now it was time to cook the Blackberry-Juice.


Put gelling sugar into the boiling soup


and cook it for about 4 Minutes, it’s required to stir


Corresponding to your taste you can mix the Blackberries with anything you like. We made some glasses with star anise, some with Apricot, some with syrup of elder blossom and some pure Blackberry.

Making Apricot-Puree to put it together with Blackberries



To have your glasses and the lids sterile, pour them over with boiling water


If the jam is ready to fill – do it, put a lid on the glass and turn it upside down for a moment.

Maybe you like celebrations? If no – write some labels


And put them on the jar




Enjoy it for breakfast


Maybe you have (like me) some little friends who loves the grain and skin from the Blackberries thin will happen:


corner view – gift


Some years ago, I have spent my time by playing „The Settlers“, a strategy Computergame.

This game can be played in single or in multiplayer-mode. My wife and I played it in our home network against us. Unfortunately, she won mostly and I couldn’t understand why. In the last about 4 years, the Game-CD’s were packed away in the attic.

But two days ago, my wife made me a gift. We talked about this game and how many hours we have played it in former times. I asked her, to make a new try – and she agreed.


But I think, she had the hope, this game wouldn’t run in Windows 7 and 8.1 and agreed therefore.

Today, I have installed the game on both PC’s and started a game to try it.

It’s running 🙂

Sorry Caro: When will be our first Settler-date? Maybe this evening, if our twins allows it.




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corner view – what makes me happy


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What makes me happy? Oh, in these day’s I haven’t long to think about.

I’m sure, that our 5 weeks old twins are the best what happened in my life so far.

Although all the daily life has changed in the last time and every day is waiting with a new surprise – it is a very good time.

Luckily if you get twins in Germany, both parents can stay at home for a few month. So I’m at home since their Birthday and I will have to go to work in the middle of December. What a great time so far.

And the early summer arrived this week. We have nearly 30°C and a lot of work in the garden. This is not always easy with the twins.

But I enjoy every minute.


♥ Annika (2 days old)


♥ Julian (2 days old)


Both last week

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corner view – good memories


Today I want to show you one of the last pictures of my little friend.

His name was Charlie.

We had him nearly seven years with us, he was about six years as he came to us.

We had a very good time.

Unfortunately he died some weeks ago due to illness. It was dramatic.

All the family and friends were so sad. Tears were running.

But were are thankful for the time we had with him.

It is a very good memory – I’ll never forget him.


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Corner view – inspiration

I don’t really know, where I get my inspiration from.

Going through life with open eyes and ears might be a good way and of course, sometimes I have to leave my familiar surroundings. Actually I do a further education, so for the first two month this year, I’ve worked in two other hospitals. It was easy to work there, because I had not many responsibility and could use all my energy for observing all new. I have seen a lot of things that I found good, and I’ve seen many things which I do not agree with.

There are many things inspiring me, for example the nature (like Kristin has written on her Blog today), other people, maybe to make somebody’s acquaintance and other surroundings. .

Finally i get inspiration from my wife.

I’ve learned from her to see things more clearly and more easily. I love her.


♥ ♥ ♥

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corner view – close by

In my opinion, there are many lovely places close by my home. Many people like to travel far away – me too. But equally I like to discover the proximity. For example, I like to make a biking tour without knowing the way when starting. I’m only sure, that i will arrive back at home some time later. So I’m biking and thinking „let’s drive to the north direction“; but any kilometers later I have another idea and change the direction. With this method, I had discovered many lovely and impressive places in my home zone. I’m not always carrying my camera with me, but my smartphone is my constant companion. So here I want to show you some pictures of my Instagram account (Joseffos), which I had taken on such spontaneous tours.

























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